Glass panel in a bathroom


Boutique display

Display and Layout Design



"Les Lacets Bleus" by Jean Michel Othoniel

Artistic Productions

Artist sub-contracting

Cartier Cube


Jewelry display


Presentation, objects

Clothing conveyor

Set Decor

Theater, cinema

Domains of application

Cartier Cube

Metal Construction

We build lightweight metal structures and produce works of art such as stairs, handrails, balustrades, footbridges, etc.

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Black Stairwell


Our craft touches all aspects of construction and our experience in the field of metalwork enables us to present you with unique creations.

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Metal Canopy in a shop

Metal Joinery

We can carry out your projects to create doors, metal partitions and facades, skylights, verandas and work in all types of profiles of RP Technik.

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Living room

Interior Design

We produce works for commercial businesses, restaurants, hotels, offices, as well as the home such as tables, chairs and seating, signs, counters, light fixtures...

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Laser cutting


We utilize our skills to design and develop prototypes and innovative solutions that are tailor-made in response to our customers' challenges and demands.

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"Kokoro" by Jean-Michel Othoniel

Artistic Production

Atelier.M accompanies Creators and Artists throughout the production of their original artworks.

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Wood texture

Metal, but
not only.

We work metal into many different forms, making the best use of its primary qualities.
Tubes and standard profiles, but also technical profiles, metal sheets, etc.

We work with various alloys such as common steels, stainless steel, brass, copper and aluminium.

Copper texture

Metal is the foundation of our work, however we also incorporate complementary materials such as wood and glass.

We also master the use of certain mechanisms and movements, which can enrich your projects with diverse functions.

The possibilities are vast and so are our projects.

Glass texture
Brass texture
Steel texture


Produced with the highest level of care, all of our creations come from the workshop and are hand-made in noble and durable materials (steel, brass, stainless steel, aluminium).

They are the fruit of years of experience, and a mastery of traditional and modern techniques.

In order to best meet the technical and aesthetic expectations of our customers, we are highly meticulous and thorough in every detail of the manufacturing process.

Sketch of a wrench


In order to offer maximum security to our partners, as well as to our customers, Atelier.M has subscribed to the professional civil liability and 10-year guarantee insurances which oversee each project.

Safety is a necessary condition for delivering excellence.

Sketch of a welder mask


The works are made with 100% recyclable materials.

A primary necessity, both for our health and the environment, the metal recycling industry is very well organised.

Crushed, rolled and washed, the metals are then melted and purified, before being transformed into new raw materials that will then be used in the creation of new finished products.

For example, Aluminum is 100% recyclable, and can be recycled infinitely!

Sketch of a tool